Looming EU regulation may kill the digital marketing star

eMarketer projects that U.S. programmatic ad spending will reach $32.56 billionby the end of 2017. By 2019, more than four in five U.S. digital display ad dollars, or $45.72 billion, will flow via automated means—accounting for 83.6 percent of U.S. digital display ad dollars. 

Despite those numbers, programmatic advertising has been under attack for the past couple of years: invalid traffic/bot fraud, ad-blockers and viewability issuesare just some of the things we’ve faced, and I would say, somewhat conquered. We’ve built the right tech to measure and optimize away from these threats, while continuing to refine our targeting chops.

Very recently, we talked to a company that analyzes and can target up to 500 million social posts a day. Yes, they are privacy compliant, and as a marketer, we make sure all our tactics are. However, do consumers care that they are privacy compliant from a marketing sense? Or is the creepy factor finally too much? Enter GDPR.

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