Stop whining, GDPR is actually good for your business

It’s safe to say that nearly everyone in business today has at some point has heard the acronym GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Many in the digital industries and services arena are either preparing for the changes on the horizon, or are dreading the work that still needs to be done to prepare.

In the United States, we’ve already seen the implementation of the email regulations for Can-Spam, but GDPR is something else entirely. In my presentations to marketers, I often refer to the US law as the YOU-CAN-SPAM Act, because in essence, it does not require spammers to get permission before they send junk email and it prevents states from enacting stronger anti-spam protections. That’s not the case with EU regulations or GDPR.

GDPR’s recent portrayal in the press is frightening. Much of the commentary surrounding GDPR has focused on the burden for businesses. The negative sides of its implementation, and the stiff penalties for compliance failures. I, for one, actually think GDPR can be positive for your business. Here are a few reasons why.


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